Fit menu, finally is rolling out!



Slim marathon, next rap is going to start from 11th Jan, 2024!



Slim marathon, the result of 1st ~ 15th Dec. 2023 is now available!


What is your ideal lifestyle?

  • Are you keeping your ideal proportion?
  • Have you had unpleasant experience due to wrong diet, ex repeat re-bound, health trouble?
  • Are you confident that you will keep good health 10 years later?
  • Are you enjoying what you like whenever you want?

Healthy Active Lifestyle with  re-nat!

We think we need 3 things for our healthy body making, right Knowledge, Solution with which each of us can keep doing, and Community where you walk together and encourage each other.


Please don't give up!


Not good at exercising?   Too busy?   Difficult to go to gym with your small child?

With our concept "Nutrition 80%, Excise 20%", Health Supporter will support you for your desired lifestyle!

We will support you!

Yusuke Hamada

President, Diet Trainer

2019 spring, I achieved -14kg diet with this doctor recommended nutrition program.

I was big surprised not only with my lost weight but also with my less tired and fast recovery body without re-bound.   Good awakening every morning and no sleepiness in daytime.    I'm so happy with my improved performance of my work and weekend activities.   I'm enjoying my healthy lifestyle!




 I hadn't thought I needed to lose my weight.   But once I lost my weight and obtained healthy body, I was coming to realize that I had been sick.   Also, when I look around, there are many people who cannot take care their health by themselves due to family care, horse keeping, and same as me at the time, exhausted daily work.    Their body and mind are screaming.   In worse case, they don't notice the screaming.    I want to help such people.   I want to make all working people cheer.     There are the reasons why I started my Health Supporter carrier.   


Now I realize that this job can provide CHANCE to anyone who seriously want to change their life!

I'm changing my life.

Now, it's your turn!

I will support you with my best!!


Some people can tell only from you

We are also focusing on nurturing of new Health Supporter.

You can work with your pace, anytime and anywhere.

With well-designed training program, we will support you until your independence.

Health Supporters all over the word are waiting for you!

Please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • 1st counseling: 1,000 yen
  • 10 times class:  29,800 yen (2,980 yen / class)

We are here!

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Room #204,  Ninben building, 3-2-3, Hamatake, Chigasaki-city, Kanagawa

In front of Tsujido St.


Business Hours, Reservation, Contact

7:00~22:00, Irregular holidays, By appointment only.

Feel free to contact us via call, e-mail or form below.




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